AfterMath Module ASCBA01

General & Dual Electrode Methods for the CBP Bipotentiostat System

Module Description

This AfterMath software module includes support for dual electrode and other popular electroanalytical techniques on the CBP Bipotentiostat system from Pine Research Instrumentation. A list of all supported methods is provided below.

Potential Sweep Methods

Potential Step Methods

Galvanostatic Methods

Cyclic Step (Charge/Discharge) Methods

  • Cyclic Step Chronoamperometry (CSCA), capable of charge/discharge under potentiostatic control
  • Cyclic Step Chronopotentiometry (CSCP), capable of charge/discharge under galvanostatic control

Potential Pulse Methods

Stripping Voltammetry

Hydrodynamic Methods

Note: Control of the rotation rate by the potentiostat requires a special cable (click here for details).

  • Koutecky-Levich RDE Series (KL-RDE), acquires series of rotating disk voltammograms at various rotation rates
  • Rotating Disk Electrolysis (BE-RDE), supports constant voltage, constant current, or open circuit measurements
  • Rotating Disk Chronopotentiometry (CP-RDE), galvanostatic control of a rotating disk electrode
  • Rotating Disk Ramp Chronopotentiometry (CRP-RDE), includes Rotating Disk Cyclic Chronopotentiometry

Dual Working Electrode Methods

  • Dual Electrode Bulk Electrolysis (DEBE), controlled potential, controlled current, or open circuit potential
  • Dual Electrode Cyclic Voltammetry (DECV), includes collection, shielding, window, and diametric variants

Passive Methods

Part Numbers

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This module is assigned the following Pine part numbers.

part number description
ASCBA01 General & Dual Electrode Electroanalytical Methods (AFCBP1 single instrument license)

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